Meeting Rooms

How to Request a Library Meeting Room:

In Person:        

Visit the library and ask for the Programming/Public Relations Manager (Bristol Public Library)  or Branch Supervisor (Manross Memorial Library).

By Telephone:

  • Bristol Public Library: Call (860) 584-7787 x 2007
  • Manross Memorial Library: (860) 584-7790

Online: (Bristol Public Library only)

  1. Click the Meeting Room Policy button (below).
  2. Read the Room Use Basics & the Meeting Room Policy.
  3. Click the Request Form button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Agree to the Meeting Room Policy by checking the box.
  5. Submit your contact information using the form provided.
  6. Click the Booking Calendar (above the QR code) or scan the QR code. 
  7. Click the Library community rooms link in the Room Bookings box in the center of the page.
  8. Find the date time slot(s) you would like to request on the calendar on the left of the page.
  9. Click on the time slots you would like to request. Please Note: Time slots are selected in 30 minute blocks (i.e. a one hour meeting will require selecting two 30 minute blocks on the calendar).  Requests made less than two weeks in advance, without agreeing to the Meeting Room Policy, or without providing required information, cannot be selected.
  10. Click the Continue button on the bottom of the page
  11. Complete Booking Details form.
  12. Click the Submit My Booking button at the bottom of the form.  Wait for Approval of your Reservation via e-mail.  Bookings are not final until approved by the library.

Read Meeting Room Policy >

Meeting Room Calendar