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The Young Adult collection offers a large variety of materials to check out. Fiction, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs and magazines are located in the Teen department. The non-fiction YA collection is shelved on the second floor with adult non-fiction.

In the Teen department, you will find a section for new fiction. These books have been acquired by the library within the last six months and have a yellow sticker on the spine.

If you’re curious about what I’ve been reading (and loving!) check out one of my Staff Picks! They have a red label on the spine which make them pop out from the shelves.

Below you will find some links for books lists that I’ve made based on different genres. Each title has a link to its review on

Reasons why I love

  1. You will find suggested reading ages for each title.
  2. You can find reviews on the titles from School Library Journal and Booklist. Those are the two journals that I use when ordering books so they are excellent resources!
  3. The “You May Also Like …” section. If you’ve already read (and enjoyed) one of the suggested titles, check out one of the ones in the “you may also like” section. It’s a great way to find something similar that you may also like.

Book Lists

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Bro Lit

Chick Lit


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