Notary Services Information:

  • Notary Services are accessible when the Notary is available. Appointments are recommended. To make a Notary appointment, please call the Bristol Public Library at: (860) 584-7787.
  • Notary Services are available at Bristol Public Library only.
  • The following documents cannot be notarized: Wills, copies of Vital Records or copies of documents to be recorded by the State or any political sub-division, certifications of translated documents, certifications of corporate facts, certain Federal documents. Living Wills can be notarized. Call ahead for information.  
  • There is no notary fee at the library, but the person signing a document must personally appear before the Notary and the Notary must witness the signature (documents cannot be signed ahead of time).
  • Proper identification is required. Normally, two forms of identification containing the signer’s signature are required. One of these forms of identification should contain a photograph or description of the person being  identified. Copies of forms of identification are not acceptable. Call ahead for information.