New Meeting Room Booking System Update

Bristol Public Library is transitioning its online meeting room booking process to LibCal–a specialized library  calendar and booking platform.  LibCal has worked well in testing and current bookings from May 5 onward are being transcribed to the from the previoius system. The new system is scheduled to go live Monday, May 5, 2014.  The Library Board Meeting Room Policy, Room Agreement, and meeting room hours, will remain unchanged. The new system will allow for a meeting room availability calendar, which updates itself automatically and will always display the most current meeting room availability status.  Double booking of meeting rooms and booking of rooms less than two weeks ahead of time  or farther than 5 months ahead of time (the range allowed by library policy) will not be accepted by the system.  LibCal will also simplify the requesting of amenities when making a room reservation and will provide automatic statistics for library use.  Further information is available by calling the Programming/Public Relations Manager or the Computer Lab Manager at (860) 584-7787 x 2007.