★ Geek the Library: Bristol Posters ★

If you missed our fabulous Geek the Library launch party last Wednesday, here are the first batch of localized posters! Do you recognize any faces?

igeekyarn igeeklibraries
igeekcanning igeekvegancooking
igeekbeingreadto igeekgheavymetal

Do you live in the Bristol/Forestville area? Would you like your face on a Geek the Library poster? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Come to the library between 11 and 2 on Saturday, March 16, and have your photo taken for free by Grant of Ginger Lee Originals (G.L.O Photography).

Please wear a black top and bring any props you might need (fishing pole, skateboard, etc). Do not wear or bring trademarked materials (NFL memorabilia, etc).

Questions? Leave them below.