Online Job Search Strategies with Dr. Marcia LaReau

Looking for a job in today’s economy is tough! It can get even harder when you add in the Internet. While there are many job search tools and sites available online, they can be hard to locate, and even harder to understand or use to your best advantage. So why not come to Bristol Public Library on Tuesday, June 19, at 6 for a free online job search strategy workshop?

Dr. Marcia LaReau will demonstrate how to find opportunities through a specific online process. Dr. LaReau will walk participants through each step of finding employment opportunities. They will learn two key principles of online searching and watch them in action. Participants will leave fully prepared to conduct an efficient and effective job search.

Dr. Marcia LaReau, Motivational Speaker and President of Forward Motion, can be heard regularly throughout Connecticut on the Business Buzz (Fridays, 4 pm, 88.1FM).

This workshop, jointly sponsored by the Young Adult and Adult Departments, is free to the public. Registration is not required; all you need is the willingness to learn! Questions? Please call YA @ 860-584-7787 x2020.